For some time now this new word, BIM, is a part of the vocabulary of the real estate sector professionals. It is true that, at the beginning, this methodology was directly related to governmental projects for civil engineering, public works and infrastructures, but its implementation on the real estate market is a target to be considered due to the implied advantages.

BIM (Buildind Information Modeling) is a multidisciplinary working methodology, collaborative and transversal, in which the participation of all the agents related to a building action is required to control and document every process and procedure of the project by generating a 3D model that includes the whole service life of the construction.
This 3D digital model can be real-time processed and modified due to the data basis from which it is generated. In this point, Big Data technologies enter into the equation in order to control, modify and improve the elements of the project. This means a reduction of costs and execution time and, therefore, optimization of the resources in a most efficient way.

BIM models data basis include all kind of data related to aspects as design, technical and structural information, building materials, energy efficiency… as well as economic and commercial data, about execution processes, term control, etc.
These data, which are a complete diary of the project, are provided by all the participants and are real-time updated, so information is always accurate and proven and be analyzed to optimize processes and to improve project features.

MPC Group supports digitalization actions for the real estate market development, that combines with professionalization and that means an implementation of new technologies.