For some time now, we all have noticed about new trends on the real estate market that is becoming not only a sales tools but a new professional profile to be considered. Home Staging has become a business activity that attracts more and more entrepreneurs who discover real estate market possibilities through this professional activity.

New sales strategies on the real estate market focus on the neutral humanization of spaces and its harmonization to the lifestyle of a specific market segment.
Customers welcome sales with an added value, a value of confidence and commitment. Sales are getting more and more customized and adjusted to customers preferences and needs, and it is here where Home Staging has to be pointed out.

Home Staging strategies highlights houses’ major assets, its strength points, reducing the weakest ones, in order to offer the most attractive look to potential customers.
The target is to create a neutral atmosphere that makes customers feel comfortable and offer them a sense of being at home; and that feeling will increase the possibilities of signing a selling.

Rooms and spaces have to meet expects and preferences of the highest quantity of potential purchasers. To achieve this goal, and considering a reduced investment, properties are depersonalised and tidy up to create cozy and warm spaces in which potential buyers could imagine themselves: empty of personal objects it can be imagined by customers as a real option of a home to be.

On a commercial side, Home Staging highlights properties among similar ones available on the market, so it increases the number of visits of potential customers and reduces the sales term in over a month with regards to other properties.

In MPC Group we do our best to be informed of new trends and tools both for property sales and promotion.