Emotional Intelligence allows us to develop skills and psycological abilities to carry ourselves in an efficient way in everyday situations. It is related to the abiltiy to understand both our own emotions and the ones of those around us as well as to self-motivation, empathy, improvement, perseverance, assertiveness, active listening, mood control, etc.

Experts in Emotional Intelligence differentiate between Intrapersonal (specific for every individual) and Interpersonal (the individual and the society) and name the following as the keys to achieve the maximum development of our skills and abilities:

  • Intrapersonal Emotional Intelligence:

    • Self-knowledge: ability to identify, determine and perceive our own emotions to control them properly in situations of stress or frustration in order to avoid a negative influence in our job and minimizing its effects.
      It is related to the emotional self-awareness and self-confidence.

    • Self-control: once we understand why and how some emotions could affect us, we can develop a way to put them under control and continue our activity doing our best.
      Responsability, reliability, adaptation and innovation are skills related to self-control.

    • Self-motivation: ability to amplify and foster positive emotions.
      We are talking about motivation to success, commitment, initiative, optimism…

  • Interpersonal Emotional Intelligence:

    • Empathy: ability to perceive, understand, respect and appreciate the emotions of other individuals and understand how these emotions can affect to behaviour, achievement,… Empathy is related to the comprehension of the others, service guidance and diversity advantage.
    • Social management: ability to motivate the others, promoting implication and team membership.
      It is related to influence, communication, leadership, change, conflict resolution, collaboration and cooperation.

These abilities are important not only in our everyday life but also in our work sphere since Emotional Intelligence allows us to interact with the team in an efficient way and adding value both to work itself and to the team.

In a company level, Leadership and Emotional Intelligence have to be considered as interconnected concepts: leader’s management and success are related to his or her emotional intelligence. The leader’s ability to create efficient team interactions, by motivating and leading it with empathy and assertiveness, will lead team projects to success and this is profitable for the company a competitive advantage.
A leader with a developed Emotional Intelligence makes better decisions, is an active part in projects, strength the team, promote quality interpersonal relationships, develop strategies for success and knows how to boost talent.

MPC Group support and promote activities to improve and develop Emotional Intelligence in our teams in order to offer our customers a premium quality service that meet and exceed their expectations.