Implantation of new technologies on the funding market is unstoppable; and so they are that mortgages have become part of that revolution.
Hipotech companies have arrived, and they are here to stay.

Although some of these companies are known in the American market and in some European markets too, with rates close to 15%, they have recently arrived to the Spanish funding market.

Their operative processes are quite simple: real estate brokers act as intermediary agents among users and banks. Their management is based on monitoring and analysing the information received from the users in order to find the best available mortgage offer.
Big Data is used by these hipotech brokers to generate mortgage simulations in order to calculate monthly payments considering users’ incomes and expenses, rate percentages, return terms, etc. Then, in an only site, users can compare offers from different banks and funding companies and make their decisions. This kind of mortgages, also, is profitable for users since no other related products (as insurances) are required in order to obtain a competitive rate.
Applications and some documents can be digitally requested and submitted for confirmation but, in any case, credit granting has to be signed on the selected bank or funding company offices.

Since hipotech companies and banks have signed collaboration agreements, hipotech brokers acts as bank agents: this is a free service and user receives information from only one valid intermediary and this means saving time and money. Doing this way, brokers can provide customized offers that meet users’ requirements and needs.

At MPC Group we keep informed about new technologies and its implementation on the real estate market in order to offer a premium quality service to our customers.