MPC Group is the successful result of an entrepreneurial and personal evolution. And evolution means change, adaptation and growth.

It also involves choices. In life, once we form our family, choosing our home is one of the most important decisions. MPC Group redefines the company in order to help their customers to make the right decision when adquiring their home.

We want to go further: we want to transform the complete experience of owning a home in a life experience, in an experience of growing, energy and future.

Customers who become friends, a natural process based on mutual confidence. An honour, to be honest.


Of course it is. Because life… is a personal choice, the most ambitious of them all.

Manuel Pertusa Cases


At MPC Group, Experience has more than only one meaning: it is to talk about a family business formed on 1966, on the building and real estate sector, always joined to responsibility, quality and closeness values. A family team who dreamt, launched and managed the well-know company  Grupo Mahersol, more than 30 years ago.

And the most important meaning, in which our conversion on MPC Group focuses: we develop a new business stage revolved to the Experience of our customers.


Skills as experience, energy, commitment, attitude and knowledge… are required to our staff. It is not an easy task, but people joining MPC Group Project are sure about their duty to the customers and that commitment with the programm is a two-ways relationship. To belong to MPC Group is a challenge, and our Team is worthy of its position on this project, every day and every hour. Always committet with searching and develop of emerging talent.



MPC Builders develops newly building properties which aim is the accomplishment of the quality standards established by the company since their outset on 1992. A real estate product that meets the needs of both the local and the international markets and focuses on the total satisfaction of our customers.



MPC Homes promotes, builds and sells unique real estate projects that satisfy our customers’ requirements.

Always acting with responsibility, ethics and transparency of the using of the financial, technical and human resources and developing sustainable, avant-garde and high quality homes and commercial premises. Always looking for our customer’s satisfaction.


CENTURY 21 Levante

To make our offer much more complete and attractive to customers, and considering the high rates of second hand homes selling figures, we decided to join the world leader real estate company CENTURY 21. So MPC Group launches Century 21 Levante and becomes Master of its partner at the Mediterranean (Valencia, Alicante and Murcia), the most important strategic area with more that 70.000 tradings per year.



MPC Group is highly conscient of value of an excellent legal support as a part of the owning a home experience. To offer a premium quality service to our customers, we launched MPC Legal by joinging our partners Chapapría & Navarro Asociados , since 1971, and LegalMed, since 2006, to support our customers and become specialists on national and international real estate regulations and tax laws, also offering advice in tax normatives, corporate law, family regulations…



Innova Sport Nature is an initiative explained on our affinity to sports and our firm belief that health is one of the main keys for the social welfare. An strategic business unit designed for future entrepreneurial developments in which MPC Group places its energy, founding its growth on technology and also in the strategic partners franchising model.



MPC Agro manages technified agricultural properties. It deals with more than 72 hectares of citrus crops in the South Alicante area, always meeting the most stringent quality standards. MPC Agro has been granted with some worldwide recognized certifications as GLOBAL GAP and also considering environmental sustainability as our main purpose.


MPC Group inherit the tradition of the founders with the social commitment. We promote support to sport, health and society by permanent collaborations programs with ONG as Misiones Salesianas, Cáritas, Médecins sans frontières, Manos Unidas, Regalos de Amor, Red Cross … furthermore, we support and push social development initiatives throught platforms as charge.org and others.