Purchasing process

At MPC Builders and Real Estate we want to make it easy for you to enjoy your new home with complete peace of mind. That is why we give you the main steps to take:


Know your budget, needs and preferences

In the first stage, you have to take into account what type of home can suit your needs, budget and preferences.
What is the reason I want to buy a new home? Would I like to live in a big or small house? How many bedrooms would I need?
Do I like living in a community or am I more independent? What services do I need to have near my home? ... These are some of the questions you should ask yourself when it comes to being more clear about what your perfect home would be.



You already have clear ideas, now it is time to leave it in our hands! We will analyze the market and offer you a list of homes that matches your tastes and needs to find the perfect home for you.


Visit the selected homes

Now the most exciting stage begins, the time to visit and decide which one is chosen to become your new home. Whether it is virtual or in person, you will be able to see first-hand the different homes, the surroundings, the services ... accompanied at all times by your trusted advisor.


Reservation and legal and financial advice

You have found YOUR NEW HOME. CONGRATULATIONS !!, Did you see how simple everything is? Now is the time to reserve it to formalize the deal and withdraw your home from sale to other clients.
During this phase we can offer you personalized financial advice. And also through our partner Legalmed, solve all your legal doubts and help you with the necessary procedures (NIE number, bank account, mortgage application, residency…), to make the process much safer and faster.



Before the official delivery, we will monitor and check your home so that everything is perfect before you pick up the keys and you can enjoy your new home.


Title Deeds and housing delivery

Before the keys are delivered, you must sign the Title Deeds before a Spanish notary and check that everything is right.
* Remember that before signing anything you should check:
• Energy certificate
• 1st occupation license
• Simple registration note
• Copy of decennial insurance
• Certificate of community of owners
Our team will be with you at the time of signing the Title Deeds so that you are safe at all times if you have any questions.
We can also help you with the management of supplies (water, electricity, gas, ...), home insurance, home alarm, furniture, etc, so that you can fully enjoy your home from day one.



You are now ready to live in your new home, organizing the move in, managing each and every corner of the house to your liking ... Are you imagining it?
Have you had any incident or need at your new home?
You can continue to count on us at all times!

Do you want to enjoy this experience?

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