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We all need to surround ourselves with a team of trust and proven solvency. At MPC Builders and Real Estate we have been working closely with our clients, suppliers and commercial networks for more than 30 years; building up trust through detailed supplier approval processes, in-house financial advice, and legal and tax advice through one of our partners.

Thanks to agreements with different banks, we can offer you a free and personalized advise for the management of your financing. And through our partner Legalmed, solve all your legal doubts, in addition to helping you with the necessary procedures.

The trust and security placed in us during all this time, by thousands of families, has allowed us to create links beyond the professional.


We believe that a personalized, fluid, transparent and multi-language Communication is vital.

As a client of Mpc Builders and Real Estate, you will have a single interlocutor, at your disposal to offer you a monitored pre-sale, sale and after-sale service; always supported by our Commitment to Ethics, Transparency and Integrity. And with the aim of guaranteeing a simple and direct purchase experience.

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The right choice of product and a complete portfolio of services are the key to Success. At MPC Builders and Real Estate we know the product, because we create it: we are Promoters, Builders and Real Estate Agents with a selection of approved new build products.

You will have a selection of fully personalized products and services, with the possibility of adapting any home to your tastes and needs; as well as enjoying individualized inspection trips to discover your new home in the Mediterranean.

All this without leaving aside the healthy lifestyle. That is why at MPC Group we offer more than just a few keys; We want to share our philosophy of life so you can be part of the #mediterraneanlife experience


We are committed to transmitting our lifestyle, and that is why we have a professional team, in charge of guiding you so that, whether offline or online, you know in depth all the possibilities that the Mediterranean can offer you. Through scheduled face-to-face appointments, online tours, virtual visits, inspection trips … it has never been easier to visit your future home.


The key that completes our e-xperience is our firm commitment to technology. Virtual visits, product videos, newsletters … you will have multiple tools and content to discover #MediterraneanLife and the different options to find your new home on the Mediterranean.

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