Corporate Social Responsibility is related to the role of companies and organizations in the way they are a vehicle to improve such important aspects as society, economy, environment and sustainability and rights of users and consumers.

In this scenario, CSR encloses practices and corporate strategies addressed to, in an active and voluntary way, support and improve a fair social, economic and environmental setting by reducing the impact of the corporate actions and activities.

The strategies involved in CSR are directly related to the activity of the company, the innovation processes and the creation of value. They are a long-term commitment and suppose a responsibility of the board which, as main decision making body, accepts its responsibility for the improvement of the social and economic environment in which the company is dealing. And all this without forgetting about the importance of human resources and talent value.

They are global and transversal strategies that affects all the business areas as well as the value chain, they have to be coherent to the corporate ethics and, above all, have to be adjusted to national and international legal rules.

Coherent and suitable CSR policy means a competitive advantage for the companies in the way they acquire a social commitment which is positively valued by society, human resources, suppliers, investors, etc.This also means an improvement of the corporate reputation and image that consumers and users perceive a set of values and a philosophy in which the social effects of the business activities are the main concerns.

MPC Group is proud to develop and implement Corporate Social Responsibility policies and to join the activities of the most important social associations and organizations.